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The Challenge of Life
Each step you take,
Each step you make,
Each accomplishment you achieve,
Each failure you fall and rise from,
Is not an end to itself.
Each step, each accomplishment,
Each failure you fall and rise from,
Is meaningfully a stage nearer in direction,
To your objective, destination in life.
In oneʼs journey in life,
There are many paths which one can take:
Some short, some long, some easy, some strong.
If your journey in life has been one of an easy path,
What will you have learned along the way?
How will you have been challenged?
If your journey in life has been
One of challenges which you overcome,
Take pride in your achievements,
But do not bathe in them,
For they are only preludes to other
More challenging steps to come.
That is . . .
'The Challenge of Life'

Thank you to Daryl N. Kipurchuk, printed with permission

for this inspiring poem in its original layout, go to Challenge

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I dare now.  I am divinely guided.  I take all the necessary risks in order to realize my highest dreams.
(Source:    Messages From the Universe, Les Éditions Universelles du Verseau , Knowlton, Qué. Canada)

Psychosomatic Therapy:
Body-Mind Analysis & Emotional Anatomy

 Psychosomatic Therapy is not a treatment.  It is an exploration of the 'psyche' in the 'soma', and it seeks to analyze how the body has stored memories at a cellular level.  Psychosomatic Therapy, during Body-Mind Analysis asks, "What issues are in the tissues?", and "How can this body benefit from this knowledge?" Since the body tells everything by its shape, structure and usage, this brings into consciousness an awareness of how the body reacts and is controlled by habits.  It is learning how to use your equipment in a different way than has been done in the past.  Through Body-Mind Analysis, the client can gain an understanding of the “issues in the tissues” and learn better ways to use the body.  Emotional Anatomy as well as Chakra & Core Energy Balancing enable the client to release tensions and create in-depth healing.  Psychosomatic Therapy honours, body, mind and spirit so that all three can work together to encourage and support healing in mental, emotional & physical states. 
For more information go to Psychosomatic

My Journey Back
Holistic Therapies Saved My Life!

by Ronnie Allen, Ph.D.
Copyright  Ronnie Allen, All Rights Reserved
On November 14, 2000, the universe threw me a curve that I am sure is going to change my life forever. At 7 P.M. I took my son David and, Lisa, his girlfriend to a brand new buffet style restaurant. The food was inedible, spoiled and cold and everything was sent back. We then came home where I saw clients and prepared to go to work the next day. Nothing unusual.
At 1:30 a.m. I awoke from a deep sleep as my airways constricted. I anxiously told my husband, Bob, to call 911. I immediately fell unconscious.
What follows is my journey to recovery integrating all of the healing modalities in alternative therapies in my life’s work for the past eight years that I had to embrace with passion every moment of every day in my one month of hospitalization. It confirms my mind/body/spirit/soul explorations in that this is what helped me return from near death. Western Medicine could not have brought me back alone.
It was food poisoning by a contaminant in the food I consumed and when EMS arrived seven minutes later I was already turning blue. Four paramedics worked on intubating me and in the process broke a part of my trachea. Because there was an air tube inserted, air was rushing into me. I blew up to what appeared to be 600 pounds of air. David pinned a pouch of some of my crystals onto my gown as EMS was putting me into the ambulance. He packed the rest on my night table to take to the hospital.


Today's Angel Power message:
Listen in the early morning to the promise of a new day.
(Source:  Angel Power Cards, by Wulfing von Rohr and Gayan S. Winter, Printed in Switzerland by AGM AG Muller, 1995)

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