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123india.com greetings   http://greetings.123india.com  
Send free greetings for holidays, birthdays, weddings, thank you, Valentine and romantic cards.  

4d Ultrasound, Pregnancy Ultrasound, 4d Baby Scans  http://www.babyscanning.co.uk
Offers baby scans including 4D and 3D ultrasound scans.

Brazil Acai Extract   http://www.healthyacai.com
The Acai berry is grown in Brazil's naturally rich climate and concentrated into an extract for maximum benefits

Acne Treatments  http://www.acne-answers.org
Suffer from acne? Check out the Acne Treatment Resource Center. It contains over fifty articles on acne, acne products, acne prevention, and much more. Includes interviews with dermatologists and product reviews.

Acne Treatment Solution  http://www.acne-skin-solution.com/
Acne Treatment & complete acne skin care solution, acne-skin-solution.com provide you all information about acne, acne types, symptom, causes, treatment methods and also on pimples and blackheads.

Air & Water Purifiers  http://www.air-water-purifiers.net 
Your one stop shop for commercial and residential air and water purification products. Specializing in Biozone brand products!

ALTERNATIVE HEALING CHOICES http://www.healingchoicesonline.com
Your Guide to Complementary, Alternative, Holistic and Natural Healthcare, types of modalities & practitioners, resources and books. A book is also offered in hard copy & e-book.

American Institute for Transpersonal Hypnotherapy/NLP© www.findingtruemagic.com
Certification trainings: on-site and home study options. Receive instruction from Jack Elias, author of the internationally acclaimed book, Finding True Magic: Transpersonal Hypnotherapy/NLP©, a radical synthesis of Eastern & Western perspectives and techniques on Mind/Body healing and personal spiritual growth. Books, tapes & CD's. Lucid Heart© Therapy & Life Coaching services, in person and by phone

 Back Pain Headache Fibromyalgia Chronic Pain Relief With Bowen Technique
Gentle pain relief treatment for back pain, headaches, fibromyalgia, migraines, neck pain, joint pain, sciatica and stress.  A wonderful self-healing tool you can use right away. http://www.miraclepainrelief.com

Baker Massage Clinic http://bakermassageclinic.com  
Put your Mind at Ease...And your Body too...
Turn to a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist. 
To reach your Local Practitioner Call....Steve Baker at 770-830-0368 Today. 
Remember, Relief & Release are only a Phone Call Away. 

Belief Re-patterning assists individuals to release limitations, visualize a joyful and loving life, and create self-empowering beliefs.

The Body Soul & Spirit Expo - 
Canada's Holistic & Spiritual Lifestyle Expo

Exhibitions & Conferences in Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto, International online "search engine style" directory of products, services, practitioners and resources for Holistic & Spiritual Life, Calendar of Events, Workshops, Seminars, and Classes, and much more!

Cervical Traction Posture Pump and neck pillow;  
Get the curve back in your neck and stop neck pain! http://www.arc4life.com
Use this cervical traction unit to restore the curve in your neck. The normal cervical curve can improve your health and helps you get rid of unwanted symptoms such as neck pain and back pain

Relesterol-Lower your Cholesterol now!   http://www.choloesterolhealth.com/ 
 Relesterol-non-prescription daily supplement shown to lower cholesterol like no other over the counter supplement has ever done!

Circle of Healers   http://www.circleofhealers.com  
Daily updated holistic news, a healers directory, alternative health forums and more!

Creative Essence  www.Creative-Essence.net .    
Well-being Products and Services

    Offers very powerful Crystal Healing Necklaces for Alternative Health.
    The wearer attains Love, Wealth, Health and Abundance. Heals mind, body and
    spirit.   Free brochure attached

Clinical Depression Symptoms And Treatment www.zizzoo.com/guides/depression/index.php  
Novo Vitae depression community exists to help those suffering from depression.

Directoryhealthy.com  http://www.directoryhealthy.com 
The comprehensive health web directory.

The Earth-Heart Institute of Vision and Healing  www.visionquest-spiritualretreats-womensretreats-yoga.com
Nourish your spirit. Connect with your Vision and purpose in life, and reconnect with the healing power of nature in our life-changing programs. Vision Quests, Spiritual Retreats, Women's Retreats, Yoga and Meditation Retreats, and Personal Intensives in beautiful locations nationwide

Feng Shui Boulder, CO  http://www.radiantchi.com
Chi Kung Healing and Feng Shui - Boulder, CO

Lifetime Fitness with Fitness Pure    http://www.fitnesspure.com/ 
 Abdominal Exercise Equipment, Weight Lifting Equipment, Treadmills, Exercise Bands. Whatever fitness equipment is needed for home gyms. 

Free Balance Analysis -  www.mindxpansion.com
Find out if you have any early signs of disease. Our bodies show signs before symptoms appear. Catch it before it catches you! 

Frequensea   http://www.newplankton.com
 Forevergreen Frequensea with marine phytoplankton super food health beverage

goji juice original   http://www.gojiberryjuice.us
Order himalayan goji berry juice and explore the benefits of goji, himalayan goji berry juice and lycium barbarum. Read goji juice testimonials.


 It's all true. First ever all natural, 100% pure, herbal toothpaste mouthwash and breath freshener.  Highly effective against gum disease, gingivitis, bleeding gums and bad breath. Tons of glowing testimonials will convince you this is the best product of it's kind anywhere.

Harmony Grins  www.harmonygrins.com
Excellent, comprehensive online source for exceptional quality, premium grade pure essential oils, blends, kits, mists, aromatherapy jewelry, diffusers, inhalers & accessories! Premiere lines of chemical-free skin care, personal care & more! Based in the Pacific Northwest, USA.

 HGH  Maximum Result HGH Complex is the Most Effective, Safe, Clinically Tested Natural HGH Product Available! And It’s Backed by a 90-Day, No Quibble, Money-Back Guarantee!

Buy HGH Spray http://www.eternalhgh.com
 HGH sprays are convenient and effective way to boost your human growth hormone levels. Use sprays to overcome weight loss, height, cholesterol and aging problems.

Ildiko Ran, CN, CCH  Professional Homeopath

Healio: World Health Products   www.healiohealth.com
HealioHealth is the global leader in alternative health
solutions including complementary, holistic, and natural health products

Health Supplements - Free Vitamin Information  http://www.1st-supplements.com
 Great resource site for free information on vitamin supplements.


Heating Pad  http://www.naturaltouch.ca  

Homemade Natural Microwave Heating Pads that are Microwaveable. Microwave the Flax Heating Pad for a moist heat to soothe your neck, shoulder, back and other aches and pains. 

  Save  20% on 100% Natural Herbalife Products
 Free Carbohydrate Counter, Recipes and Diets
 Please visit

Herbal Life Products made of pure natural maca.  http://www.herbal-life-products.com
Natural maca, an ancient vegetable root from
Peru , for an improvement in natural energy and sexual performance.

Herbalife  http://achieve-your-dream.net/herbalife/
Work From Home with Herbalife!
Mama Priestess Herbs, Herbal Tinctures, and Teas

Herbal Comforts http://www.herbalcomfortproducts.com
Hem-Tab, a highly effective treatment for hemorrhoids.

Amazon herbal supplements
 Natural herbal remedies supplements discount pricing

Hillside Herbal Products http://www.hillsideherbal.com.au/
Herbal ointments, massage oils and natural remedies, as well as aromatherapy essential oils, perfume and skincare products.

Herbs, Nutritional Supplements at iHerbStore.com http://www.iherbstore.com
 iHerbStore Offers a complete range of wholesale herbal supplements including vitamins, enzymes, herbs, growth hormones, sexual health, weight loss and nutritional supplements

Holistic practitioners directory www.findholistic.com
Find healers in your area

Hoodia Gordonii  http://www.sueshealthcenter.com
Hoodia gordonii and Hoodia diet pill can be acquired from Sueshealthcenter.com which is the latest diet pill fad ingredient. Diet pills can be picked up from the diet pills wholesaler. Get the diet pill reviews from the feedback by its users.

A+ ultimate HGH spray supplements anti aging met-rx muscletech Strivectin Sd Cortislim  http://uiter.com/
Human growth hormone work out formula. Look younger and feel younger naturally
combat the aging process. Growth hormone releaser and anti-aging supplement

Hylexin eye care Avotone  http://www.oventra.com/
Spa quality skin care

Hyperhidrosis Treatments  http://www.curesweatypalms.com/Hyperhidrosis.shtml
We can give you information on a range of treatments for excessive sweating. Contact us for more information on hyperhidrosis and surgical treatments to cure excessive sweating.

Hypnosoft Internet Hypnosis  - www.hypnosoft.com
Create a custom, talking hypnosis on the Internet, and send it to any email address. Your own topic, or choose from 32 self-help topics, including: stress, anxiety, self-esteem, performance, surgery, pregnancy, healing, enhancing attractiveness ...more.

All about hypnosis. http://www.atozhypnosis.com
Comprehensive information.
A comprehensive directory of hypnosis resources.

 "The international Fitness Professionals Assoc. (IFPA) is proud to provide the highest quality education and certification process for Personal Trainer, Sports Conditioning Specialist, Medical-Fitness Specialists and all professionals, dedicated to leading everyone to the health and fitness lifestyle."     www.ifpa-fitness.com

Improve Vision: Natural Vision Improvement
 Natural vision correction kit. Avoid lasik surgery.

Also see:  http://www.india-herbs.com/aff/HunaKane1/kamaraja and http://www.india-herbs.com/aff/HunaKane1/yogic-slim  

Indian Gifts  
123IndianGifts - Send gifts to India and anywhere in world with online gifts mall in India. Choose from variety of birthday, wedding and anniversary gifts.

Toni Mackenzie & Rosemary Hartley offer Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, Counselling, NLP & EFT in a warm, safe supportive environment in the Manchester, Cheshire & Lancashire areas


A natural approach to arthritis and pain management.

Kofutu Personal Development, Meditation and Spiritual Healing:    http://www.kofutu.com

Access deeper levels of spiritual understanding through the use of Kofutu symbols.  Learn Kofutu techniques for healing yourself and others. Classroom and home study courses are available.   

ladies sexy lingerie – babydoll lingerie  http://www.seductiveinstincts.com
seductiveinstincts is an online store offers women's lingerie, ladies lingerie, sexy lingerie, babydoll lingerie, sexy night dress, women thongs and adult apparel. Order Online for free shipping!

Relieve Stress and Pain Without Drugs http://www.lovinglife.org




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