"The Magic of Body-Mind Communication”

Free Evening Workshop 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm

What are you storing in your Body that is holding you back from better Health, more Energy and happier Relationships? Why are you hanging on to old worn-out memories that no longer serve you? Join us for this amazing 3 hour workshop that will open you up to a whole new level of understanding of how your Body and Mind move between pain and pleasure. Discover how this affects all areas of your Life.  For dates & location, see

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Psychosomatic Therapy:  
Body Mind Analysis / Chakra & Core Energy Balancing / Psychosomatic Lifestyle


© promote healing on an emotional as well as a physical level
© support the creation of change at a cellular level
© assist in dealing with stress, depression, addiction, low energy levels, self-esteem issues, abuse, physical trauma, etc
© act as a springboard to healing by recommending complementary therapies 
© encourage a deeper connection with self and others




Psychosomatic Therapy:  
Body-Mind Analysis / Chakra & Core Energy Balancing / Psychosomatic Lifestyle Consultation

    What is Psychosomatic Therapy?
Psychosomatic Therapy is not a treatment.  It is learning how to use your equipment in a different way than has been done in the past.  Through Body-Mind Analysis, the client can gain an understanding of the “issues in the tissues” and learn better ways to use the body. Chakra & Core Energy Balancing enables the client to release tensions and create in-depth healing. It honours, body, mind and spirit so that all three can work together to encourage and support healing in mental, emotional & physical states. 

How is Psychosomatic Therapy different from other processes?
The Body Mind Analysis is an exercise during which the therapist observes and notes the condition of the client’s body.  It is a step-by-step study of all aspects of the body including, but not limited to: posture, balance of male-female energy, mechanical structure of the body, breathing patterns, as well as skin & muscle tone, etc.  Then the Analyst can suggest ways of dealing with the imbalances to restore better Body -Mind Harmony.   Chakra & Core Energy Balancing is a hands-on method created to release emotional blocks held in the body.

    Psychosomatic Lifestyle Consultation:  A Lifestyle Consultation explores the relationship among past history, Soul & Personality as derived from DOB, in addition to a brief examination of the ‘issues in the tissues’ of the body.  From that information, recommendations are suggested to empower the client to live a full, happy, and healthy life. 


How do I maximize the benefits of my Body-Mind Analysis session?

Come to a session with an open mind. Following up on suggested therapies is the best way to maximize a session.

How often should I have a Body-Mind Analysis or Chakra & Core Energy Balancing session?

Once a baseline is established, clients can choose to have periodic analyses in order to chart progress.  Regular Chakra & Core Energy Balancing sessions (at least once a month) are recommended to promote continued growth.


Who benefits from Psychosomatic Therapy?

People of all ages can get beneficial information from Body-Mind Analysis.  This information supports the client to seek other modalities in order to correct any problems that may be revealed.

Is Psychosomatic Therapy covered by my health care insurance?

Currently, Psychosomatic Therapy is not covered by health care plans.  However, more and more complementary therapies are being considered and included with insurance policies.

Comments from clients:

Thanks Monique for helping me out, I came in broken, and walked out with a smile on my face. Looking forward to my next session with you.        Gary S.

 This is The Magic of Body-Mind  Communication ©

(Used with permission)

The Language of Body-Mind communication is universal.
It is the Soul communicating its experience of what it is like to be in a Human body.
This 'language', through body chemistry, recognizes no nationality or doctrine.
It only seeks to impart Love, Compassion and Understanding to be experienced as
a Good Healthy Life.©

The Art of Reading Faces

The Art of Reading Faces creates an atmosphere of comfort, acceptance and understanding at a subconscious level between the observed and the observer, an attitude of A I know you so well it is so good to meet again.".

Those soft, warm brown eyes, or steely grey cold look; the rugged square jaw or the sensitive chin;
the furrowed thoughtful brow
or the bland colourless poker face;
those sensuously full lips with an inviting smile or the thin tight bitterness of the taste of life;
that honest bold and steady gaze
or the shifty or suspicious look.

All tell their own story that can make all the difference in a relationship, a business proposition or just understanding your potential more. Each body communicates with the other body subconsciously and intuitively whether we are aware of it or not. It is good to be aware of what they are sensing of each other.

The systematic step by step study of the structure of the Face and each of it's separate parts bring together all the characteristics of the individual, creating a case history.

In the most honest way, the face says, "This is what I am, understand me and accept me in the only way I know how at this point of time. I am here to share this world with you as you do. There are very few that have ever looked at me as closely and with the interest and understanding that you do. For this I thank you, for being my friend, for even those that have been with me for many years have not cared to notice me so closely."

This is the kindest act you can do for someone you have never met before. There are many more like this.

Watch this brief video (& others) on reading faces -     http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=7cbAjK5kpmA

The Magic of Body Mind Communication©
Professional and Personal Growth Courses

Check the Events Calendar for class dates

Free Introductory Evening to Psychosomatic Therapy / Body-Mind Analysis  in Winnipeg, MB. 
Come hear the advantages and possible uses in your personal & professional life of this ground-breaking modality. 
Please register with Monique L. Dorge --  Telephone (204) 254-8563, C 204-795-5297 or hunakane@shaw.ca

Level I

Unit 1:  “Psychosomatic Breakthrough”    

Integrating Body Mind and Spirit ...
Manifesting Thoughts into Actions ...
The field of possibilities is unlimited!

Join us on this Psychosomatic journey by following these simple proven integrated steps assist you in achieving positive changes of the past experiences and cover the Three Keys to success!

‘Unleash the constraints of mainstream academia and rediscover the miracle of conscious self awareness. The past frees us to experience our true potential as we advance to new horizons.

As we expand our awareness of the miracle of life with its unlimited field of possibilities we learn to breakthrough the emotional restraints and step into the light.

As we heal our inner world we heal the world outside.

Unit 2:  "The Art of Reading Faces"

Discover Your True Potential ...
Come Face to Face with Facts ...
The Face is the Autobiography of Life ...

We are all unique.              The Face is the Autobiography of Life.         Come Face to Face with Facts
Face Reading is an art. It opens the heart.  I introduce myself to the world with the history of my life written clearly all over the face.

My genetics, culture, potential characteristics, acknowledged and unacknowledged, my actions and reactions to every aspect in every moment of my life is all etched clearly on my face.  As I lay bare who I am I am learning to understand and accept others with the same respect and honour that I owe my self.

Let the warmth of your heart shine in your eyes.

This one day will change your life It will never be the same

again. You will notice how fascinating people really are!
"Your world will be changed forever as you recognize people with depth and understanding."

A picture paints a thousand words ....  see some amazing transformations at   http://www.corepotentials.com/page/398433852  (This link will take you to a new page so that you can return here.)

Can't attend a class?
I have a few copies of the DVDs The Art of Reading Faces on hand for sale in addition to The Art & Science of Reading Faces in a 6 CD set with Manual in PDF format on 7th disk .

Unit 3:  "Body Mind Analysis" includes Limbs, Joints and Feet (3 days)

     Focus, Balance, Structure creates Performance ...
     Experience your Body, Mind and Spirit as One ...
     The embodiment of the Personality's Life experience ....

        The Human Body is the Tree of Life ...
        Joints act, react and create as the mind directs ...
        Limbs branch out and support life unconditionally ...

Did you know that your body is also represented in the feet? Are you aware that the skeletal structure and each bone is designed to provide you with the choice of infinite possibilities?

Realise that mental focus of the whole body-mind, its structure and performance is dependant on the balance and

support of the limbs, their rhythm and coordination. All joints are points of decision making.  A quick and flexible

person will have healthy joints.

Discover the source of life that exists in the stem cells that carry the blueprint of your soul’s purpose in the marrow of your bones!  “The issues are in the tissues."

Unit 4:  "The Language of the Hands"
    You hold the world in the Palm of your Hands ...
    Heal with the gentle touch of love from your Heart...
    Let your sensitive fingers speak your innermost feelings ...

You hold the world is in the Palm of your Hands... 
As we join our palms together in prayer we balance our male - female aspects together with love from our heart   Every sensory part of our body is filled with harmony.

These delicate creative instruments are thinking, feeling extensions of heart center with its male / female sensitivity.

The fingers are delicately measuring and evaluating shape, structure and dimension and balance between our inner and outer world with love, warmth and tenderness

Our fingerprints are a unique expression of our individuality and degree of sensitivity.

Learn to touch yourself and others with heartfelt gentleness and compassion.

Your fingertips are so unique, everything you touch and feel in this world will carry your fingerprints”.

Next  Level I Class:  Jan. 12th - 17th, 2016
Cost re Level I & Level II:  $3,950+ GST

Level II

Unit 5:  "Emotional Anatomy" (2 days)
(Level I is pre-requisite for Level II)

    Personality and Archetypes ...
    Identify and Release Psychosomatic Issues ...
    Emotional Anatomy is the cornerstone of human experience ...

Fine tune your work to recognise the subtle messages of the body of others and yourself through sensitive contact.

Open the door for energy to flow into new behaviour.

Experience how emotional trigger points release redundant tension of cellular memory and open the door for energy to flow into unprecedented new behaviour.

Profound positive changes occur as their level of self-awareness and confidence unfolds before your eyes.
"New experiences are surprisingly refreshing."

Unit 6:  "Psychosomatic Practitioner" Certificate III (2 days)

      Interpreting the source of Psychosomatic related Diseases ...
    Experience the Therapeutic Effects of your Training on clients ...
    Discover what your Love, Compassion, and Understanding can do ...

Experience the amazing therapeutic effects of your training on your clients.
Discover how your sensitivity compassion and love can change lives when you create a safe environment and maintain your professional integrity.

As you identify and interpret the issues your clients are presenting, your own personal health naturally improves. Your body listens as you speak to others.

Demonstrate and believe in whatever you do. You will enhance your own, health and self esteem that will inspire your friends, family and all life around you!

As your light shines brighter, others may see their way.

Experience the true potential of who you are.”  “What a tool for self-confidence!”

Next Level II Class:  Winnipeg:  Feb. 25th - 28th, 2016  

NOTE:  Practicum work is required following the classroom work in order to achieve Certificate III in Psychosomatic Therapy.



Oh, my aching back …..

Is your back getting the best of you?  Your best discomfort, your best pain, your best complaints?

This 3-hour workshop will give you an understanding of how your stance & your posture may be the source.  From there, you will learn to fix yourself as we will explore ways to diminish, & possibly remove, the problem(s) completely.  This is a hands-on workshop.  Be prepared to move around!

NO surgery, NO medication, NO gadgets 

Will you be at peace or in pieces?

Facilitator:  Monique L. Dorge, BHEc, BEd, Psychosomatic Therapy Practitioner & Teacher (MML Consulting)
Radiance Books & Treasures, 7- 875 Corydon Ave., phone 204-284-4231 or e-mail radiance@mts.net to register (limit 10 participants, in order to ensure that everyone receives the attention they deserve)
Date/Time:  Jan. 7th, 2016  6:30 - 9:30 PM
Cost: $75.00 + GST


Why Am I In the Shape I Am In?  Come Learn the Steps to Positive Change,
During these 2 days, we will focus on structure and balance in your body.  We will explore the details of stance, posture and the ‘Issues in the Tissues’ in order to create the positive changes to move forward with a happier, healthier and stronger body.

Facilitator:  Monique L. Dorge, BHEc, BEd, Psychosomatic Therapy Practitioner & Teacher (MML Consulting)
236 Lanark St. (limit 10 participants, in order to ensure that everyone receives the attention they deserve)
Date/Time: Jan. 234e 7 24th, 2016

Cost: $300.00 + GST

 For more information, go to  retreats, or contact Monique L. Dorge   Telephone (204) 254-8563, or Monique


The Secrets of Body Language
This 5-day workshop benefits the participant in several ways.

Negotiations or Sales flow with congruent Body Language.
Express your true potential and confidence with a unique impact. 

Trainings, Seminars, & Stage Performances glow with a charisma that captivates your audience.

Your business and social interaction with staff and clients is authentic.

Group presentations flow naturally with strategic energy, from the peak of your potential characteristics.

Interact at home with family, children and friends with harmonious ease.

Improve your physical, emotional and mental health by an inner conscious awareness of peace, focus and well-being as all parts of the Bodymind work together.  Research in Neuro-Science proves this now.

Looking at Others and Yourself from the Inside Out
The essential study of all parts of the physical body and how they all participate to create the conversation of the body and mind with the anatomy, is the first and most important step.  Our personal awareness of this creates self-confidence, self-worth and self-esteem.  This awareness of our own good health, vitality and passion, create the comfortable attitude so necessary for the expression of naturally convincing Body Language.  This is a 'Psychosomatic Process'.

Facilitator:  Monique L. Dorge, BHEc, BEd, Psychosomatic Therapy Practitioner & Teacher (MML Consulting)
236 Lanark St. (limit 10 participants, in order to ensure that everyone receives the attention they deserve)
Date/Time:  TBA 2015

Cost: $3000.00 + GST


For more in-depth information, go to Psychosomatic Therapy in our glossary


Session times to book:
Face (in-depth) - ˝ hour
Hands (in-depth) - ˝ hour
Full Body-Mind Analysis (in-depth) – 2  hours (will include face & hands)  Clients are requested to wear a two-piece swimsuit or swimming trunks.
Chakra & Core-Energy Balancing Body work – 90 minutes

Soul Energetics Massage - 90 minutes


For more information, to book an appointment or to arrange a demonstration/ presentation, contact:


Monique L. Dorge BHEc, BEd
River Heights location in Winnipeg
Tel. (204) 254-8563    C 204-795-5297
e-mail:  hunakane@shaw.ca


Book a Face or Hands Reading Party  

Monique 1-204-254-8563  for more information


Can't make it to a party? 
How  about a reading via e-mail or Skype?

Send me your photos:  full frontal view with hair pushed off face, a regular frontal view (should you wear part of the hair on face, side profile (ear exposed)  Payment $100+ GST (5%) CDN must be made by Visa,  MasterCard or American Express on receipt of your request (Be sure to include your phone # & Monique will contact you re payment.)



 This article appeared in the Winnipeg Free Press on Jan. 6/12 http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/local/warm-up-to-frozen-comforts-wonderful-fare-136796788.html




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How is Huna Kane Different from other processes?

How do I maximize the benefits of my Huna Kane session?

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