Massage for Body, Mind, and Spirit
by Monique

Huna Kane is a healing system that works!
Huna Kane brings about emotional stability, mental serenity and physical vigor.
Huna Kane, a path of ceaseless love.

 Huna Kane (pronounced ‘hoonah kahnay’) is the “inner knowing of the Higher Self”.  It is an ancient spiritual healing process that allows an individual to clear emotional baggage while receiving the benefits of massage.  It is like getting a massage and a counselling session at the same time.  Huna Kane is a process of accessing inner wisdom in order to create more balance, peace and harmony in body, mind and spirit.  Since all life is energy, any disruptions to energy flow can result in physical or emotional pain or discomfort. 

 The Huna Kane practitioner, while massaging the body, speaks to the client’s unconscious mind, and invites the client to release limiting beliefs. This permits the client to take an ‘inner journey’ while receiving the massage.   Sandra Michael has developed a Body MapÓ which shows just where specific emotions are held in the body.  Using the map as a guide, the practitioner creates a dialogue that is designed to elicit emotional responses, and suggests that the body might like to feel a different way.  For example, control issues are generally held in the shoulder area.  During the massage of the shoulder area, the practitioner would invite the client to release the issue of control being held in the body, and replace it with an ability to go with the flow.   This is how the limiting beliefs are addressed and the client is enabled to make changes in their life.  All the while, the client is breathing using the Ha breath, in through the nose, and out through the mouth with a ha or a sigh.  On a physical level, this oxygenates the body very well.  On an emotional level, the client is encouraged to imagine the out-breath sending back to God, Creator, the Source of All That Is, all those things that are no longer needed and no longer serving a useful purpose in the life.  Having released that, the void created by the release can now be filled with the healing, loving light that comes from that same Higher Power. 

A Huna Kane practitioner is highly skilled in the art of the profession.  Huna Kane itself is more a way of living and being than a technique.  Practitioners study not only the techniques of massage (Swedish, shiatsu, polarity, etc.), they also study the development of the intuition in order to give the client that which is needed.  The intention is to be ‘present with love’ for the client.  The practitioner is working with the following principles:

v     Love is all there is.  The three qualities of love are:  allowance, acceptance and appreciation

v     If it does not feel like ecstasy, breathe and let it go. 

If it does feel like ecstasy, breathe and feel more.

v     Love brings up everything unlike itself to clear 

v     Nothing comes up that is not totally ready to clear

v     Things only clear to the extent to which there is no blame

v     You’ve got to claim it to clear it

v     What is resisted has persisted

v     Love is letting go

v     Pain is only resistance which came from the illusion that love means holding on

v     Love is the honest appreciation of perfection in everything within yourself

v     All power is created from the willingness to be present with love

v     If you’ve played in all the ways you’ve wanted to play…NOW how do you WANT to PLAY?

v     As soon as you are present with love, everything totally clears

 My first encounter with Huna Kane came in 1997.  I had been on a healing journey for several months.  I had almost reached the point of burnout from stress.  Having gone the route of the medical profession, a stress management course, and yoga classes for stress relief, I was invited to a demonstration of Huna Kane.  That was the beginning of a whole new way of life.  As we watched the massage, we were invited to do the Ha breath.  I watched, listened to the words, breathed, and cried.  It was as though I was receiving the massage myself.  Nothing had ever had such a significant impact on me.  I began receiving sessions and attending workshops. 

In August 1997, I attended my first retreat.  It was a 10-day retreat held on the shore of Lake Manitoba.  On the 3rd day, we were sharing body work, specifically on the front of the body.  I was receiving.  In the stomach area, the dialogue says “think of the things that you can’t stomach in your life”.  Well, I threw up!  There was no time to excuse myself and leave the room.  There I was in all of my glory!!  There was time to grab a bucket.  My embarrassment was short-lived as I was simply accepted for who I was; no one judged me.  For me, that set into motion a whole series of thought processes that would answer the question:  “What is it that I cannot stomach in my life?”  A few days later, the answer to my question arrived.  We had been practising the Dance of Creation in the grass and I had nearly stepped on a frog.  To backtrack a little, frogs had always been repulsive to me, primarily due to the fact that, as a teenager, a group of boys thought it might be great fun to throw one at me.  It was a minor incident, yet it had affected me deeply.  From the dance, we moved into a different exercise, and I found myself making the association between the frog and the question.  Then, it hit me.  I am the frog.  I cannot stand me.  This got me laughing hysterically as I made the connection.  You see, French-Canadians have sometimes been referred to as frogs, and I am French-Canadian.  That now created another question:  “What is it about me that I cannot stand?”  As I studied and learned over the ensuing months, I discovered a great deal about myself, finding that all these discoveries were enhancing my self-esteem.  Each discovery made me feel that much better.  I began to make changes in my life.

 Because I had benefited so much from Huna Kane, I decided that I was to become a practitioner.  Over the next couple of years, I took on the intense studies in combination with a full-time career.  As time progressed, Huna Kane took on a more significant role in my life.  My original intention had been to share Huna Kane on a part-time basis once I had retired from my job as a classroom teacher.  That was not to be the case.  In late fall of 1998, I knew that Huna Kane was the path I was to follow NOW.  With a few years to go before reaching that magic number which meant that I could draw a pension, I found myself on a totally new path … trusting that the Universe would provide for all that I need.  So, today, I happily share the work that I do!  I am truly blessed.

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 I would like to gratefully acknowledge all my teachers, especially, Nicki Farnworth, as well as her teacher, Sandra Michael for all the blessings they have bestowed upon me.  Nicki is currently living in Hawaii.  Sandra lives in Hawaii, teaching in Hawaii and elsewhere. 

Monique Dorge is a Huna Kane Practitioner/ Facilitator in Winnipeg, MB.  To learn more about Huna Kane, go to Monique's Huna Kane, or e-mail hunakane@shaw.ca Monique is also a Master Practitioner of NLP  as well as a Time Line Therapy Master Practitioner.  In 2009, Monique achieved her Diploma in Psychosomatic Therapy offering private sessions, Face Reading Parties, Lifestyle Consultations in addition to classes toward Certificate III in Psychosomatic Therapy.