The TRAGER® Approach

Developed in the latter half of the twentieth century by Dr. Milton Trager (1908-1997), the underlying philosophy behind the TRAGER Approach rests upon the theory that in order for the body to become liberated and tension-free, it must first learn to experience effortless and easy movements. Stemming from this belief, the TRAGER Approach is a bodywork technique which involves gentle rocking, cradling, jiggling and lengthening of the body, which releases deep-rooted physical and psychological tensions and promotes relaxation, increased flexibility and alertness. 


TRAGER work is based on the premise that discomfort, pain, and reduced functionality are physical symptoms of accumulated tension resulting from accidents, weak posture, fear, emotional blockages, and daily stress.


The TRAGER Approach uses the natural rhythm of the body’s weight and structure to help rediscover ease, comfort, fluidity of movement and freedom from restriction.  TRAGER work does not cause pain.  The method is invitational, teaching by positive experience; searching out comfort, affirming existing abilities, initiating the development of improvements in function and an increased potential for health and well-being.  Results can be transformative, the benefits long-lasting. 


TRAGER is an educational model as well.  Part of the session can include explorations in movement to find what is comfortable, easy and freeing.  Clients are encouraged to utilize these movements for self care reinforcing the sensory experience of comfort and ease.


In a TRAGER session, the client rests on a padded table and the practitioner moves the client’s body in such a way that the person actually experiences the possibility of being able to move that freely effortlessly and gracefully on their own.


Recall is another component of this work. Recall is learning how to remember the pleasurable sensations and feelings you had during the tablework, an exercise designed to promote relaxation. You can use recall when you are out in the world.  Remembering the feelings you experience during a TRAGER session, allows your nervous system to become quieter.  Your body responds by slowing your breathing and your heart rate ~ and you feel better! 


Thanks to Nadine Feldman for this information.  For more information on Nadine and other practitioners, go to World Directory of Holistic Practitioners