How does Reflexology work?

How does reflexology work? It's really quite simple. We press a reflex point on the foot or hand. A message is sent to a body part. That body part begins to let go of excess stress, tension and congestion. Blood flows in, waste products are removed, circulation is normalized. The body begins to heal itself.

Reflexology is a powerful and effective twentieth century healing art based on century old principles. The term "reflexology" has been around since the beginning of its practise in North America in the 1930's. The technique has probably been with us since the beginning of man. Most primitive societies practised some form of reflexology. Records show the practise being used in 2500 B.C. in Egypt. The principle of "zone therapy", used for 4000 years in China, contributed to the development of modern reflexology.

An ancient technique has been rediscovered for the benefit of modern man. Reflexology is a healing technique that can renew bodies and minds, and effectively take us into the twenty-first century.


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