What is Rebirthing ? 
Rebirthing and Spiritual Purification
Rebirthing - Maha Yoga Spiritual Breathing

What is Rebirthing ? 
By Russell J. Miesemer

Rebirthing is breathwork. In a rebirthing session the rebirthee focuses on maintaining a connection between inhale and exhale, breathing as fully as possible for an hour or more. Your body gets filled with energy and is nourished as it receives more oxygen than it is accustomed to. 

Toxins are released from the muscles and cells, and exhaled. As the body and cells are cleansed and energized they also release emotional and mental "toxins" that are the result of emotions and traumas that have been suppressed and held in the body. 

The rebirthee becomes more aware of thoughts, behaviors, and emotional patterns that are holding them back from living their lives the way they want. Many times just breathing through and releasing the suppressed energy is enough to create a profound psychological/emotional shift for the participant. 

Rebirthing is called rebirthing because many times the suppression that comes up and is released is related to birth trauma. When a rebirthee has released enough suppression (usually in 10 to 20 sessions) they have mastered the breath and feel safe enough with the process to rebirth themselves whenever they want. 

Thus, the major benefit to rebirthing is that your breath is always accessible to you. You can use it to (1)Move through emotional situations that come up in life and heal the psychological condition that is causing it. (2)Heal the body by releasing toxins and stress, by breathing them out, thereby increasing physical comfort and pleasure. (3)Increase your awareness of yourself in present time, because the only time you can take a breath is NOW.

When you focus on your breath, your present time awareness expands to include all of you. 

When you decide to rebirth, the first step is to choose a Rebirther. There are rebirthers who do regular Introduction to Rebirthing Seminars, so you can meet them in person, and there are many others listed in holistic directories (including this newsletter). Ultimately you rebirth yourself, and a rebirther is a professional who has studied the breath and its effects and has released enough of their own birth trauma so as to provide you with safety and support during your sessions. Interview your Prospective rebirther! You are about to become their employer for a period of time. Ask them about their experience and training. Ask them how they feel about rebirthing. You will know intuitively who is the right person for you to work with. 

It is recommended that you do a series of 10 sessions with the same rebirther. The trust that can develop with your rebirther over a series will accelerate your growth and increase the benefit you get from each session. When you complete your series, it is recommended that if you want to continue, you do it with a rebirther the opposite sex of your first rebirther. This rounds out your rebirthing experience and enables you to heal your issues with both men and women on a very deep level. 

At your first rebirthing session your rebirther will interview you; asking you about your birth, your early family relationships, and your desired goals to achieve by rebirthing. Thereafter, at the beginning of each session you will share what has been going on in your life between sessions with your rebirther. After the talk, your rebirther will guide you to breathe in a relaxed consciously connected fashion for an hour or more. During this time, information that needs to come up to be processed will come up, and much more will just be released. At the end of each session you can share your thoughts and feelings about the session with your

rebirther; and your rebirther might offer you some affirmations as an assignment to augment your change and growth. 

Expect each rebirthing session to be different. The breath always seems to take us where we need to go, and that's seldom if ever to the same place twice. Know that the process you are learning is one that will allow you to transform your life with ease, through aliveness, enthusiasm, pleasure and fun. 

Copyright © Russell J. Miesemer 1997


Rebirthing - Maha Yoga
Spiritual Breathing

by Leonard Orr

Rebirthing as the Maha Yoga is the direct intuitive experience of God through the breath.  Connecting the inhale to the exhale in a relaxed rhythm brings about an awareness of a direct mental perception of spirit, and emotional feeling of spirit, and a physical sensation of the actual life energy, which is Almighty God flowing through the flesh. 

As new yoga, rebirthing is not a discipline, it is an inspiration.  It is not teaching a person how to breathe, it is the intuitive and gentle act of learning how to breathe from the breath itself.  It is connecting the inhale with the exhale in a relaxed, intuitive rhythm until the inner breath, which is the Spirit and source of breath itself is merged with air - the outer breath.  Rebirthing merges spirit and matter in a simple, scientific method of spiritual breathing that is definately one of the highest and most  direct forms of Yoga-science of life or union with God. 

A rebirther is a breathing guide who has practiced enough to initiate another person into this awareness.  It normally takes a rebirther about five or ten minutes to guide a person into a rhythm that is free and relaxed enough to perceive God in mind and body, but once this connection is made, it is desirable to surrender to the Spirit of the human breath until a completed energy cycle is experienced which normally takes approximately one hour or more for beginners. 

This rebirthing session may contain dramatic emotional or physical changes that may frighten the beginner.  These changes are sometimes labeled by the medical community as the hyperventilation syndrome.  Actually spirit is cleansing, balancing and nourishing the human mind and body.  These changes in the human aura - the mind - can be photographed by Kirlian photography.  The physical changes can be measured by the analysis of the air in the breath and in the blood chemistry. 

Rebirthing is very fast and very deep.  The Breath of Life is, always will be, and always has been, one of the simplest, most direct and powerful methods of spiritual purification.  Merely connecting the inhale to the exhale in a relaxed rhythm is the great secret to appropriating the Almighty Breath of Life in a practical way.  If God had not made it easy, no one would ever make it. 

The Breath of Life can send mind and body on a trip through the Cosmos.  Rebirthing has been called instant spiritual enlightenment and cosmic consciousness. 

Before I met Babaji in the flesh, I had figured out that breathing in cooperation with the mind, was the key to the health of the body and mind.  I had concluded that the Breath of Life could be the "Fountain of Youth" and, therefore, the key to the eternal life of the body as well as the mind.  Since Babaji has mastered the eternal life of the spirit, mind and body, his body, though thousands of years old, has the appearance and integrity of a young man. 

So, one day in January, 1978, I mustered enough courage to test my conclusions with Babaji.  It took courage on my part, because if anyone on earth could  invalidate my cherished logic, it would be him.  I had tested my ideas upon thousands of the world's greatest minds, but he was the first genuine immortal I had met. 

To me, confirmation of my ideas, from an actual immortal, was a big deal.  But to him, I concluded, it has been simple and obvious for thousands of years.  To him, it was a stupid question. 

In calling rebirthing the New Yoga, Babaji honored an American as the discoverer and teacher of the spirit and simplicity of Indian tradition and culture.  This acknowledgement at once pleased and humbled me.  I had hunted the world over for a person who understood what I was doing here, in Babaji, I finally found a man who appreciated my work.  But, in so seeing me, he demonstrated himself to be so much greater than I, that I felt honored and insignificant at the same time. 

The paradox of spiritual wisdom is that, while it is self validating, it is irrelevant, unless it is shared with the masses of mankind.  The highest wisdom and power is insignificant, unless is is also common and ordinary.  God is so ordinary that nobody notices Him. 

Some people might think that one session will do it.  Unraveling the birth death cycle through total breath mastery has the power to produce mahamritenjaya (supreme victory over death). 

Baba never told me anything about the how of rebirthing, or where I learned it, or anything.  Probably because he did not want to destroy the fun of my delusion that I discovered it myself. 

Rebirthing is intuitive.  To discover rebirthing is to discover God.  But since God is one, it is possible for one person to lead another into the intuitive perception of God in the breath.  Perceiving God in our own breath makes it easy to see God everywhere, and all the time, since we breathe most of the time.  It is easy to see God in other people's breath and to help them perceive God in their own breath. 

But rebirthing also involves being the master of your own consciousness, and filling total mind and body with light and aliveness--new life.  It involves unraveling the birth-death cycle, which includes freedom from the parental disapproval syndrome, unpleasant feelings from this, and previous lives.  It involves the conscious use of the powerful human breath, for the eternal aliveness, health, and success of spirit, mind and body.  Therefore, rebirthing involves all the methods of spiritual purification. 

Rebirthing is an American form of prana yoga that is closest to Kriya Yoga.  It may be called scientific breathing rhythm or spiritual breathing.  Simply described, it is a relaxed, intuitive, connected breathing rhythm, in which the inhale is connected to the exhale, and the inner breath is merged with the outer breath.  This merging of pure life energy with air sends vibrations through the nervous system and circulatory system cleaning the body, the human aura, and nourishes and balances the human mind and body. 

Rebirthing is something special.  It is the power of God for the salvation of the body and cleaning of the mind.  Rebirthing is a method of spiritual breathing which in just a few minutes produces the most profound religious experience.

This Article is an excerpt From Physical Immortality by Leonard Orr copyright © Leonard Orr 1988 published by Inspriation University, used with permission.  Leonard can be contacted at Rebirth International,  PO Box 118, Walton NY 13856, phone: (607) 865- 8254.


Rebirthing and Spiritual Purification
Russell J. Miesemer

 Rebirthing is breathwork.  In a rebirthing session the rebirthee focuses on maintaining a connection between inhale and exhale, breathing as fully as possible for an hour or more.  Your body gets filled with energy and nourished as it receives more oxygen than it is accustomed to.  Toxins are released from the muscles, and cells, and exhaled.  As the body and cells are cleansed and energized they also release emotional and mental "toxins" that have been suppressed and held in the body.  The rebirthee becomes more aware of thoughts, behaviors, and emotional patterns that are holding them back from living their lives the way they want.  Many times just breathing through and releasing the suppressed energy is enough to create a profound shift for the participant.  Rebirthing is called rebirthing because many times the suppression that comes up is related to birth trauma.  When a rebirthee releases enough suppression (usually in 10 to 20 sessions) they have mastered the breath and feel safe enough to rebirth themselves whenever they want. 

 The value in doing rebirthing sessions with a trained rebirther is that the rebirther provides the safety a rebirthee needs in order to experience whatever physical or emotional discomfort may come up.  By experiencing or re-experiencing suppression or trauma in a safe space the participant can allow themselves the experience without resorting to suppression once again.  This will lead to the integration of the experience, and a return to comfort, and pleasure in the body.  Having re-experienced their "trauma" in a different context, rebirthee can then easily release the thoughts and behavior patterns  connected in the mind to the original suppressed event.  With the practice of enough sessions, the rebirthee will feel safe enough to practice rebirthing on their own, with out the guidance of the rebirther. 
The vehicles of Spiritual Purification are found in Nature; they are the elements, earth, air, fire, and water.  Rebirthing is a form of Air Purification.  As with rebirthing, each of the elements can have the effect of  breaking up and releasing negativity from our bodies (the physical body and energy body), minds, and emotions.  When we create a "diet" or regimen of Spiritual Purifiction for ourselves, we are creating a channel through which we can experience greater health, peace, clarity, power, joy and pleasure in our lives. 

There are many "rituals" of Spiritual Purification, they can be found in all traditions, and religions.  Most of the time in the contemporary world their true purpose has been masked and forgotten, and thus the power of the ritual is untapped.  Baptism is a form of water purification; most who were baptized were baptized as infants.  No doubt, the water had a positive effect on us, yet those who baptized us were probably unenlightened parents and we were probably at least somewhat traumatized by the typical dysfunctional family get together that preceded and followed.  Fasting is a form of Earth purification,  yet many who fast, do so on a religious holiday because "thatís the day your supposed to do it."  They donít have any intention around it being a cleansing of mind, heart, and body, and seldom if ever think about fasting because the feel the need to do so. 
The key to the power and effectiveness of any purification process or ritual, is our intent, attention, and desire to be cleansed or healed by it.  The elements always cleanse us on some level, however when we add our consciousness to the process, we will be cleansed more deeply, thoroughly, and permanently.  To begin, this can be a very simple experience.  As you bathe or shower each day, allow yourself the awareness that the water is not only cleansing the surface of your body, but it is also opening your pores and cleansing below the surface.  Allow yourself the awareness that it is also washing away the accumulated negativity and stress of your day or night.  Just try this simple exercise and see how you feel after your bath or shower. 
A simple form of fire purification is to use candles. Leonard Orr, the "father of rebirthing," recommends (1-12 candles).  You light one candle, and sit with it, knowing, or even jsut imagining that your aura or energy body is circulating through the flame.  Pay attention to how you feel, and what you are thinking.  After a few minutes light another candle, and repeat the process. Keep lighting another candle every few minutes until you feel a definite shift in your energy.  This is the number of candles you should work with.  Then you should just sit with the fire and continue circulating your energy through the flames.  I have found I helpful to decide how much time I will sit with the fire before I begin, because sometimes the fire will bring up some sort of discomfort or boredom for me, and I know that I would just stop and do something else if I had not made the commitment.  Usually once I get through the discomfort, I want to stay longer than intended. 
Air purification includes rebirthing, also you can spend time outside and allow the breeze to blow through your energy body taking with it the negativity.  Rainy days are even better! As you can do air, earth and water all at once. 
Earth purification can include fasting, laying down on the ground and just letting Mother Earth absorb the negativity; consciously connecting with nature, in your favorite ways, gardening, bird watching, appreciating its beauty,  and exercise (and this done consciously, can be as simple as a walk around the block.) 
Many times people will know at least this much about spiritual purification, and still they donít practice it.  They will choose to judge themselves and call themselves lazy.  I believe that this laziness many times is simply just resistance to what might come up as a result of the purification.  This is where experiencing a series of rebirthing sessions can be a key to success with other Spiritual Purification practices.  In Rebirthing we are taught and learn kinesthetically to allow ourselves to be safe and relaxed with whatever comes up while weíre breathing, and we have a rebirther there to support us.  With time this becomes easy for us.  If you are patient as you work with the Elements, any discomfort that you experience will be released.  As you practice Spiritual Purification on a regular basis, you will begin to look forward to the joy, comfort, and pleasure that is the result.  Life will begin to seem easier, and more magical. 
One of my personal favorite rituals is to begin by gently connecting my breath and sitting with Fire (I use 4 candles). I commit to sitting with the fire for 45 minutes, but sometimes end up there for an hour or two.  As I complete with the fire, I continue by soaking in a warm bath for up to a half hour, keeping my breath gently connected the whole time.  I usually do this in the evening after which I retire.  As I complete my ritual, the relaxation I experience, is something I used to achieve only through deep meditation.  My mind does not wander in directions that bring up anything negative.  As I go to bed the cotton sheets feel as though they are silk sheets.  I sleep deeply and restfully.  I awake feeling great, and the days that follow are usually wonderful, sometimes even magical. 

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