Psychosomatic Therapy:  
Body-Mind Analysis and Chakra & Core Energy Balancing

    Psychosomatic Therapy is not a treatment.  It is an exploration of the 'psyche' in the 'soma', and it seeks to analyze how the body has stored memories at a cellular level.  Psychosomatic Therapy, during Body-Mind Analysis asks, "What issues are in the tissues?", and "How can this body benefit from this knowledge?" Since the body tells everything by its shape, structure and usage, this brings into consciousness an awareness of how the body reacts and is controlled by habits.  It is learning how to use your equipment in a different way than has been done in the past.  Through Body-Mind Analysis, the client can gain an understanding of the “issues in the tissues” and learn better ways to use the body.  Emotional Anatomy as well as Chakra & Core Energy Balancing enable the client to release tensions and create in-depth healing.  Psychosomatic Therapy honours, body, mind and spirit so that all three can work together to encourage and support healing in mental, emotional & physical states. 

How is Psychosomatic Therapy different from other processes?
The Body Mind Analysis is an exercise during which the therapist observes and notes the condition of the client’s body.  It is a step-by-step study of all aspects of the body including, but not limited to: posture, balance of male-female energy, mechanical structure of the body, breathing patterns, as well as skin & muscle tone, etc.  Then the Analyst can suggest ways of dealing with the imbalances to restore better Body-Mind Harmony.   Chakra & Core Energy Balancing is a hands-on method created to release emotional blocks held in the body.

Who benefits from Psychosomatic Therapy?
People of all ages and all walks of life can get beneficial information from Body Mind Analysis.   This information supports the client to seek other modalities in order to correct any problems that may be revealed. It is also useful in one's personal and professional life to know oneself.  In knowing and understanding oneself, an individual is better prepared to be with others in an attitude of understanding and openness.

Psychosomatic Teachers/ practitioners on this site:
Monique Dorge in Winnipeg, Canada

The Magic of Body Mind Communication©                        
The Language of Body-Mind communication is universal.
It is the Soul communicating its experience of what it is like to be in a Human body.
This 'language', through body chemistry, recognizes no nationality or doctrine.
It only seeks to impart Love, Compassion and Understanding to be experienced as
a Good Healthy Life.

Every word we speak and every feeling or thought we have is a voice within us trying to tell us something. We need to learn to listen to these messages of communication within our own body-mind to understand ourselves.

From birth, innocent children reach out with love for understanding from the adults and the world around them and want somebody to understand their feelings. This divine simplicity of unconditional love is seldom understood and gradually fades or gets locked away from awareness. We then spend the rest of our lives trying to find this once again.

The brain reasons, it cannot feel. It is the Body, with its senses and physical tissue, that feels with a mind of its own. Yet we spend so much time and effort trying to find good feelings with reasoning. To change these feelings we must look in the body where these Psychosomatic responses have been imprinted and left behind. This body-mind protects us from being hurt by desensitizing itself from painful experiences so that we can survive until we learn to overcome them.

Each soul translates vibrations into neurological responses within its own physical body creating an internal dialogue through body chemistry, physiology and postural body language. The brain translates this into the learned language of the individual which is experienced as feelings and rationalized as emotions.

These experiences are remembered as conditioned responses and retained in cellular memory in the physical body as psychosomatic responses. They dictate behaviour, attitudes and belief systems to the conscious mind through these subconscious reactions. These reactions are experienced in the physiology and body chemistry as good or bad health. We need to listen to what the body is telling us before the negative messages become dis-ease and then disease.

Medical Science has taken quantum steps to eliminate disease from our lives and prevent further diseases. Psychosomatic Therapy and Body-Mind Analysis seeks to bring our awareness to those areas of the Body-Mind where we can eliminate the stress, tension and psychosomatic discomfort before they become disease and also assist medical science in its process of cure by eliminating the source.

This is The Magic of Body-Mind Communication©.

"Every organ in the body has its rightful place,
and when it is functioning as it should the body is whole and perfect.

Every Soul has a rightful place in the whole scheme of things, and each one gives what it has to give to the whole the work moves forward in true perfection and there is harmony, beauty and rhythm everywhere.

Live for the whole, think for the whole, give to the whole, work for the whole;
so feel part of the whole and become part of it.  All is working in perfect unison and harmony.
by Eileen Caddy

When sadness, fear, pain and insecurity, are deep and long-standing, while blocking and armouring continues, the tensions will become habit and awareness dims. The feeling itself may slip from consciousness. We move away from an awareness of the body and mostly operate from the mind, disassociating, desensitized from the feelings, un-alive. One is then like a robot run by a computerized mind programmed by past experiences, directed by society and inherited belief systems.

There has been study and research done from the early part of this century when researchers have recognized the reaction of the body tissue holding mental and emotional trauma creating physical tension, armouring and diseases as cellular memory.

The East has for many centuries recognized that the Body and Mind are one unit, unlike the West where the focus on the intellect and reasoning has created an emotional and mental imbalance and conflict. Schools of the East holistically recognized energy patterns throughout the body and mind as one continuous flow of energy through a single unit and are treated without separation. Some schools of thought specialize on the Focus of the mind on the body... Yoga, Tai Chi, Martial Arts, etc.

Body-Mind Analysis in itself is a Therapy designed to release tensions and create in-depth healing in mental, emotional and physical states by posture integration and awareness. The greatest changes occur in the physical body as corresponding changes are made in awareness and attitude at mental and emotional levels. Additionally there needs to be a physical release of the memory of emotions and trauma locked into the tissue and the physical growth patterns. These retard the energy flow and create armouring against new experiences and change. They also take you back to the feelings of the past even after you have mentally resolved to accept the change and create a conflict in the internal states.

Body Mind Analysis is a step by step study of all aspects of the body presented.
1 Each part relates to the other. Its balance growth and coordination.
2 The balance of the male-female energy.
3 The comparison of the four major body splits.
4 The study of the quality, growth and response of the outer sheath.
5 The energy flow patterns, blockages, armouring conflicts of directional energy.
6 The condition of the major Chakras.
7 Posture, body language and attitude.
8 The mechanical structure and physiology of the body.
9 Breathing patterns.
10 Skin, muscle tone and tissue growth.

All these factors tell stories of their own. When correlated together they can give a summed up Analysis of "The Shape You Are In". Then the Analyst can suggest ways of dealing with the imbalances to restore better Body -Mind Harmony.

Source: Overview of Psychosomatic Therapy, Hermann Muller as set out in Training Manual for Psychosomatic Therapy Certificate III.  See also and  (Used with permission)