What is Live Blood Analysis?
Nutritional Microscopy Program (NMP) – Better known as Live Blood Analysis uses the darkfield microscope to view a patient’s live blood sample.  With one drop of blood, we project what you see onto a video screen and record it onto a VHS tape for you to see while Mary is explaining your blood analysis to you.  The VHS is also for your future reference and comparisons.

How can Live Blood Analysis help you?
At the time of your session, there is a discussion and demonstration of how current lifestyle and nutritional practices may be affecting your overall health. By knowing the condition of your blood, you can take the appropriate actions for better health.
Was Thomas Edison right when he said, “The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease”? 

What might you see in your blood?  Here are some examples.
Fungal Infections
(#30) – Diseases of the skin or other organs caused by the multiplication and spread of fungal organisms.

Can cause asthma and alveolitis, allergic disorders
Can affect superficial infections: i.e. skin, hair, nails, genital organs, and inside the mouth (cold sores)
Target Cells
May indicate low iron and insufficient bile
Neutrophilic Viability
May indicate poor immunity, infectious states and malabsorption

Neutrophil Hypersegmentation
May reveal poor immunity, depression, PMS and deficiency or non-absorption of B12 and folic acid
Poikilocytes (#12)
A great variety of chemical agents can lead to the destruction or erythrocytes (red cells) i.e. chemicals such as arsenic, lead, benzene, nitrites and potassium chlorite (heavy metal).
Also shows anti-oxidant deficiency and/or liver conditions.  Protein linkage – may indicate the body’s difficulty in digesting protein.

Spicules (Fibrin)
  A condition involving the toxicity of the liver and/or bowel