What is Huna Kane?

The actual body work combines a meditation, with a trance state dialogue between practitioner and client enabling the client to passively resolve thoughts held in the body as pain. A new way for the body to feel is then anchored physically. The new thoughts are based on universal truths which establish rapport between the mind and body of the client. The dialogue is offered to the client as abstract concepts of universal truths. The client resolves the specific issues passively in their own mind and body. The actual massage feels like gentle rocking and spirals of energy breaking up and relaxing painful spots in the body.

There is a back body mapping (resolving the past), and a front body mapping (going forward in a a new way).

Once the body has re-anchored positive truths and is more pain free, the traditional High Altaring Huna Kane treatment (which was done in Hawaii for centuries) is shared to accelerate a state of higher consciousness connection between the brain and the body. The body becomes the higher self, merged as one.

Every session ends with a head, neck and shoulder alignment which activates the two sides of the brain and balances them with each other.

Huna Kane practitioners at Holistic Practitioners' Network:
Monique in Winnipeg, MB, Canada

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