DNA Activation and Genetic Reprogramming

Cutting Edge Vibrational Medicine
Presently we live in a body with two active coiled strands or helixes of DNA. Metaphysical teachers and scientists alike know. that more strands of (currently inactive) DNA exist in our bodies which are available to us. The scientific community calls these inactive strands "junk DNA". Virginia Essene, in her book "You are Becoming a Galactic Being" claims that the original blueprint for the human species consists of twelve active coiled strands of DNA. In "Return to Harmony", Nicole La Voie, creator of Sound Wave Energy technology, mentions the return to the original alignment of all the DNA strands. Barbara Marciniak, in "Bringers of the Dawn", describes the ten light encoded DNA threads that were disassembled and left within human cells in a latent state. Humanity's consciousness was thus changed, limiting us physically, emotionally, mentally and physically. In her lecture on ascension, Almine states that activating the twelve strands of DNA opens all our chakras and is a critical part of the ascension process. The current message is that we can now consciously change or activate all our DNA.

In 1997, Vianna McDaniels, a naturopath and medical intuitive, completely healed herself of terminal leukemia. Soon after her recovery, she channelled a simple yet powerful DNA activation. technique which helps to quicken the human evolutionary process. It involves remote viewing and working directly with the DNA of the master cell of the pineal gland.

This master cell, and every other cell of our body, has twenty-three chromosomes in its nucleus which are formed by forty­six paired and connected chromatids. The DNA and genes within it define the individual characteristics and functioning of each human. The ends of the chromatids are capped with a substance called telomere to prevent tangling during cell division. These end caps appear to have a biological clock function that could possibly extend human life.

During the first DNA activation, new rungs of sugars are added to one particular chromosome governing Youth and Vitality, the ten latent strands are activated and the end of each chromatid is capped with telomere. The rest of the chromosomes of the master cell's nucleus are likewise activated and re-patterned , then spread to the remaining trillions of cells in the body. As the cells now begin replicating, regeneration rather than degeneration starts to occur. People are experiencing such effects as the fading of stretch marks and wrinkles, new hair grown, heightened perception and intuition, expanded use of the brain, release of toxic metals and increased health. The DNA Activation process may also cause cleansing to occur, which is true of any process that allows the cells to release what is no longer useful physically or emotionally.

In addition to activating the DNA, we are now able to work with specific genes within the DNA to alleviate many physical and emotional imbalances.

Working with the Vibrational Patterns of Genes
Genes play an essential role in the human condition. They make us unique and individual. What is truly amazing is we can now enhance, improve and even change our genetic makeup. Working with the vibrational patterns we can replace the depression gene, fear gene, doubt gene, eyesight and hearing genes. Through repair and replacement, we can bring into balance the hormone levels of adrenaline, HGH, insulin, DHEA, estrogen, plus many other hormones that improve health and balance.

As your DNA and chromosomes axe repaired and healed you will trove into a higher intelligence. When your additional ten multiple, heavenly strands become activated, you become connected once mare to your higher self, taking you out of darkness and confusion, giving you a. DNA road. map to. becoming whole and complete.

Cancer Cells and Viruses
Every cell of the body, sends a sound/tone frequency, which comes from the DNA. Cancer cells and viruses communicate at a lower frequency with each other but not with the higher frequency of normal cells. By working with the energy fields around cancer and virus cells it is ,possible to change the vibration back to the frequency of a normal, healthy cell.

Biological Clock . . . the gene that counts
Our biology is designed to last forever if left alone, rejuvenating and balancing. But the fact is that it doesn't. We have a set of instructions right in our DNA that counts the days and allows for aging and disease to enter. We have an actual instruction set for our own termination. At the age of thirty we have a gene that starts to produce a death hormone and continues to produce this hormone until we die. We can now begin replacing these genes with a gene for agelessness, and resetting our biological time clocks.

The Electro Magnetic Mechanism of Human DNA -- Past Lives & Future Programming
There is a vibrational field that surrounds our DNA called the morphogenetic field. We hold our emotions in the magnetics of this field. The 10 new strands of DNA give us the ability to work within this emotional field. Most physical disturbances and disease are created from our emotions. Profound changes occur once we remove and replace all vibrational disturbances within the neurons of the brain, the magnetic field, the vibration of past programming, the entrapment of soul fragments, as well as the learned lessons of the soul that have been brought in with future Akashic record programming.

Balancing Allergies
We are very excited to introduce a new process for bringing allergies into balance. We have had great results working on food allergies from sugar to fruits and nuts, allergies to pets, pollen, wheat, dairy, fungus and mold.

"The grandest attribute of Human change in the new millennium is the DNA shift …. Many will think this is miraculous -- the ability to have life  extension, the ability to have peace in the midst of turmoil, the ability to have the love in your heart you asked for, or to have the anxiety levels greatly calmed…All of this begins at the cellular level, for within the cells of the Human Being is the blueprint of a spiritual and physical life"                                                       Lee Carroll, Passing the Marker Kryon Book VIII.

  Thanks to Tracey Kitchen for this submission  

Point of clarification: Tracey Kitchen references Virginia Essene, in her book "You are Becoming a Galactic Being" 
May I please point out that this book was co-authored by Sheldan Nidle and Virginia Essene; and the correct title of the book is: "You Are Becoming a Galactic Human"

Thanks to Alaria for this update.