When I meet my Maker;

I will be clothed in White

My eyes will sparkle like the water that the sun touches upon

And I will open my arms towards the light and float closer to the

Heart of Goodness with my Angels and Loved Ones at my side.


When I meet my Maker;

I will speak without having to move my lips and I will sing

A song more beautiful than the Earth’s Oriole.

My ears will capture every sound & I shall celebrate with terrific

Awe, the music of the sky

And my heart will flutter with excitement at the beauty that surrounds me,

As I stand proud, facing the mountains of glory of the heavenly realm.

 When I meet my Maker;

I shall realize the knowing that was innate to my soul for all the years of my existence; in that one Perfect Moment, all will be realized and I will feel Peace.

I will no longer thirst, for His Presence will envelop me with the Holiest of Holies & I will be infused with radiant Love.

This Power shall remain & I will remember Who I Am and who I have always been & I shall touch my children with this Gift, with this Power and with this LOVE.


Lise Lemay, printed with permission