Welcoming Message for MML Consulting & Holistic Practitioners Network

This site is proudly owned & maintained by MML Consulting (Monique M.L. Dorge).  

Monique offers a variety of services including: 

Hawaiian Huna Kane Massage sessions, retreats, trainings

Hypnotherapy using NLP, Time Line & other processes (trained in the Huna Shamanic tradition)

Psychosomatic Therapy - The Magic of Body, Mind & Spirit:  Face Reading Parties, Lifestyle Consultations, Face/ Hands/ Body Analysis (with written report), in addition to Teaching classes:  Level I:  The Art of Reading Faces, Body-Mind Analysis, The Language of the Hands, Level II:  Emotional Anatomy, and Certificate III practitioner

Javita coffee company:  myjavita.com/mml
Energy & Mind instant coffee for clear thinking & energy,
Burn & Control weight-loss instant coffee,
Lean & Green instant tea for weight-loss
Focus Fusion Cocoa - energizing

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Welcome to the Holistic Practitioners' Network website.  We are proud to offer a variety of services in holistic health care.  Our practitioners come to us from many disciplines and from all over.  Our hope is that individuals who are looking for holistic alternatives can find options that will assist them toward enhanced empowerment.  This can lead to improved health in body, mind and spirit.

Enjoy your stay.